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Online buying and selling websites: Tradegong Classifieds!.

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Dear Members,

Discussions regarding Tradegong Classifieds!. Tradegong Classifieds! is a newly modified and re-launched online classifieds website. Discussions concerning this topic can be made and contributed to here. Any form and manner of questions can be asked, answered and entertained here. Your questions are welcome. This forum is mainly for registered members of Tradegong Classifieds! Who have questions regarding the use of the Tradegong Classifieds! Website at .
Tradegong is the owner and Administrator of Tradegong Classifieds! and is handy here to respond to any issues you experienced on the Tradegong Classifieds! website.
If you also have any reviews and/ or suggestions on how we can make the website better in order to improve our services to our users, kindly do not hesitate to bring our attention to it here.
You are welcome to Tradegong Classifieds! Forum.
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Your post is getting a lot of readership but no replies. This is a topic that Im interested in and looking at the various employers websites there is little/no information on how to schedule downtime.

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hi renantiur, i already did; it talks of the basics of gold buying and selling in the international and the local scene--plus more extra information.

we know Mr. Newby as a business coach and a financial consultant, among other things, and we cooperate in certain activities.


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Thanks for the help in this question how I can thank you?

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