NIGERIA: What is really wrong with Nigeria?

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igniteit Nigeria
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NIGERIA: What is really wrong with Nigeria?

Post by igniteit »

Hi guys!
Something baffles me about Africa, especially Nigeria in particular and I fee like I should share my thoughts here.
Can somebody tell me what is wrong with Nigeria?
In my youthful lifetime, I have discovered that we have been made to live on endless promises by our politicians. So also is it with our fathers of this generation. They sit tight and never want the younger generations to taste a piece of the action both in running the country and same also applies to families!
How can we put in our best when these characters would never let us practice in order to gather experience?
For instance, politicians like Awolowo, Azikiwe, Ahmadu Bello, Gowon, Obasanjo..just to mention a few, started being entrusted with leadership positions when they were as young as in their 20s. Now, if you take a look around, they still dominate the political scenes even now that most of them are wrinkled! They never allow the younger generations taste power, even though they are messing up, running aground and ruining the country!
Each time we choose a leader, it is a worse choice than the last time - the worst choice so far being Buhari! I even shame to admit that such a dull man is Nigeria´s president in this age! Buhari is the most shameful and deplorable thing to ever happen to Nigeria.
I would not be surprised if after all his mess, he starts to campaign for a third term like one or two of his predecessors. Take a look at a very prominent example of Nigeria´s handling of the COVID19 pandemic; while Buhari decided to lifelessly hide himself away in Aso Rock with his miserable family at the people´s expense, his government officials decided to do the unthinkable! They went out on a looting spree - sharing all the resources that the saner climes have made available to them. I have never been so appalled! Come to think of it, why should anyone who has any measure of sanity left, choose a time like this to loot his country´s treasury at the expense of the lives of his countrymen? That shows how mad and insensitive Buhari and his men are!
The worst of the whole equation is that the worst of the leaders always emerge after each consecutive conspiracy of rigged elections. They bribe and bully and maim to win at all cost. If that fails, they have the option "B" - the dumb courts. Once they so win, they start their assignment by visiting China and other countries cap-in-hand, to beg! I have heard other African countries say it is Nigeria holding them down from progress because of constant bad leadership!
When would Nigeria start to compete fairly with other sane nations of the world? Is this how we are going to continue? Please, join in contributubg to this discussion so that we can move Nigeria forward.
Thanks for the audience and permission to vent my anger.

KerryDib Kyrgyzstan
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NIGERIA What is really wrong with Nigeria

Post by KerryDib »

Just wondering what is the story with the label?

As far as I am aware everything is still active I was in a record shop yesterday that was trading with you guys but the site hasnt been updated in an age with new releases or news.


JefferyLak Cote D-Ivoire
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NIGERIA What is really wrong with Nigeria

Post by JefferyLak »

Just a quick note that I really enjoyed that keyboard playing Tiger Exsisto Lupus, yes I saw the whole thing. Amusing and entertaining.

And Fara, LOVED the song. You have great taste in music.

Thank you both for sharing.

ThomasSeeld Tunisia
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what have you done to help fix this situation . eg have you sit around his cage and just talk in a soft voice , play soft music and just sit around .. ? etc...

Brandonencab Malta
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Post by Brandonencab »

If you were playing a game of baseball and someone ran onto the field, grabbed the ball and started running around, odds are most would beat him with a bat.

AnttikkNew Bulgaria
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this is wrong
either breakup with your current bf....or forget ur first love
hmmm...its impossible to forget ur 1st love right
i think u should tell ur current bf that u just need him as a friend....and go for ur love

WillikinnaAbefs Romania
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aww bless for this innocent thoughts u had but no ur not doing anything wrong hre.

u just need to take it slow thats all and not 2 rush anything too serious too quick

Miglmus Belgium
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Dont know him personally, but his donor Integra is the same as a donor of wich I have bought parts from

But I believe he hast got his Teg anymore?

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